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  • Into The Woods

    Into The Woods

    Bastorn here with another fantastical movie review. Ah god ole Disney. It would seem over past few years the old magic kingdom has grown a pair and stopped sanitising all the [More]
  • Exodus: Gods and Kings

    Exodus: Gods and Kings

    Hey there, Bastorn reportn’ in. Just got in from a rainy night in Georgia, but the less said about that broad the better. So where have ya been? Me, I bin to the movies [More]
  • saga-image-comics-featured

    Saga – Image Comics

    Marko and Alana are soldiers fighting in the war between the Landfall Coalition, housed on the largest planet on the galaxy, and Wreath, Landfall’s satellite and their [More]

Mean Goblin’s choice

  • Flesh Gordon (1974)
    When the evil Emperor Wang the Perverted sends his Sex Ray towards an unsuspecting planet Earth, everyone on Earth becomes obsessed with sex. Only a couple of seemingly ordinary people rise to stand [More]

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  • I was cheering for him to survive ;-(
    Zombie outbreak happened months ago and the world is in chaos. Small group of survivors lives in the Alcatraz prison and some of them are trying to find the vaccine for the zombie virus. Luckily they [More]
  • Wing Commander
    In the 27th century, Terran Confederation is at war against the Kilrathi race. Huge Kilrathi fleet is en route to Earth and it is up to one ship, TCS Tiger’s Claw, to stand in it’s way so [More]
  • List of Batman's foes who should never appear on big screen
    Batman has a successful career that started in 1939. These days he is 75 years old caped crusader, still live and kicking. [More]
  • Dracula III: Legacy
    Father Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee) spent five years chasing Dracula after the events that happened in Dracula II: Ascension. He even left the church which no longer supported him in his vampire hunt. [More]
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
    Hi There, Bastorn’s the name, goblin of great taste and all things good. I’ve just got back from the movies, been to see that flick about the little guys, the schmos, The Hobbit: Battle of the [More]