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  • Monsters: Dark Continent
    I’d been lookin’ forward to this movie for a while now, being a fan of the first one. So I pops along to local movie parlour to join the five other people for the premier. If you’ve seen the [More]

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  • Doghouse
    Horror comedy and dark satire fans really can't miss Doghouse. This is an hour and a half of black comedy and severed body parts... [More]
  • Critters
    A batch of Critters escape from space prison, steal a ship and fly it to Earth. They crash just outside a small town in the USA and almost instantly develop a taste for human meat. Critters are a [More]
  • Van Helsing: The London Assignment
    Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is sent to London to investigate strange murders. He realizes that they are committed by no other then Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde himself (or should we say themselves). This is [More]
  • Blood and Black Lace (1964)
    In the time when the scariest things in movies involved rubber suit monsters and fade-outs before the victim ceases to exist, along came PSYCHO (1960.) and BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (1964.). Both somehow [More]
  • Nightbreed
    Boone is being framed for crimes committed by a serial killer. After an accident he ends up in a hospital where he meets a man, who reveals to him the location of a secret underground city, Midian. [More]