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  • deathstalker-a
    Deathstalker has nothing better to do in life but to wander around and kill, steal and pillage (and he is a good guy). That same warrior is hired by king _________ to kill opposing king _______. [More]





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  • Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula
    This is the story about historical figure of Vlad Dracula (Rudolf Martin) which inspired famous Bram Stoker’s novel. Beginning of the film takes us to Orthodox Church’s hearing of Vlad, [More]
  • Dex – Cyberpunk 2D RPG
    You live in a dystopical future where big companies rule the world with an iron fist, while the common folk are driven to live on the streets. In the classic cyberpunk manner, everything is bleak, [More]
  • maniac-copa-3-j
    Detective Mckinney (Robert Davi), cleared Mat Cordell’s (Robert Z’Dar) name, as seen in Maniac Cop 2.He taught that the killings will stop now, but since Maniac Cop is a trilogy, he is [More]
  • Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!
    A drug experiment went wrong and led to a zombie outbreak. Naturally only strippers stuck in a stripper club can fight these atrocities back. I really think there is a new sub genre developing in the [More]
  • jo-nesbo-the-devils-starcover
    Jo Nesbø is a very popular writer in my country. He is a Norwegian author. For the past 2 years his books are all over the bookstores. I pass by 2 bookstores every day when I go to work and there [More]

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