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  • Ring girls you can't go without them
    Eight horror icons are summoned to the ring. They will fight to the death and answer every horror fan’s ultimate question: “Who is the most powerful monster of all time?” Oh [More]





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  • Eaters of the dead
    Full name of the book is: Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan [More]
  • Avalon 2001
    Once you play an illegal VR game called Avalon you can’t stop. The game seemingly has no end, and can leave you catatonic, or as they say, one of the “Unreturned”. Ash is sort of a big deal in [More]
  • Robot Wars 1993
    In 21st century, territory of former USA is constantly under attack by the rebel Centros. Maverick Megarobot  pilot teams up with an archaeologist and together they set out to find long lost [More]
  • blood gorgons
    Yaaaaay.. my first chaos book. They say first look matters. If that’s the case with this author, this was our first and only date. Why, you say? You can’t have a chaos marine that behaves [More]
  • TMNT 2007
    Well I watched it recently again and all I have to say is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise has really seen it's better days. [More]

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