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  • Science fiction through the generations
    Many children growing up in the 90s like myself always found themselves in a moment. A certain moment were we would be introduced to our parent’s favorite movies. For me like a lot of other [More]

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    The third outing of the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy triples the vengeance, doubles the violence, and adds one once communism (the good kind of communism, comrade). Which means this book is not to be [More]
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    Things have gone really bad in Detroit. Entire neighborhoods are being evicted by OCP. They have their nazi like paramilitary squads that terrorize the citizens. All in all it is a really bad day for [More]
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    WILLIAM CASTLE was mostly popular for his laughable gimmicks that he staged for the die-hard fans of his colourful palette of horror films. He never thought that he would initiate a genre unto [More]