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  • Science fiction through the generations
    Many children growing up in the 90s like myself always found themselves in a moment. A certain moment were we would be introduced to our parent’s favorite movies. For me like a lot of other [More]

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    Robert E. Howard – photo taken in 1934. According to his then-girlfriend Novalyne Price, he hated wearing a suit, tie, and hat, yet he went to a studio and had several photographs taken because [More]
  • Xtro 3 - Watch the Skies
    Group of marines go on a secret mission on an uncharted forgotten island. They haven’t been told why. After a while they find out about a government cover up of an alien life form that crash [More]
  • Robocop
    Officer Alex J. Murphy Gets killed while on duty. But he is brought back as a cyborg and continues to be a crime fighting cop. Now he is after his killers. I am a fan of Robocop franchise, but when I [More]
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    A young lovely woman Bianca is living in a circus and she’s pregnant with a man that runs the it. He’s extremely jealous, and treats her badly. One day, a new animal arrives by delivery [More]
  • saga-image-comics-featured
    Marko and Alana are soldiers fighting in the war between the Landfall Coalition, housed on the largest planet on the galaxy, and Wreath, Landfall’s satellite and their mortal enemy. The conflict [More]