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  • Monsters: Dark Continent
    I’d been lookin’ forward to this movie for a while now, being a fan of the first one. So I pops along to local movie parlour to join the five other people for the premier. If you’ve seen the [More]

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    Marko and Alana are soldiers fighting in the war between the Landfall Coalition, housed on the largest planet on the galaxy, and Wreath, Landfall’s satellite and their mortal enemy. The conflict [More]
  • Castlevania Hymn of Blood Live Action (Full Fan Film)
    This is an unofficial fan series based on Konami’s successful franchise Castlevania. The story follows Simon Belmont, son of Dracula himself. It is produced by video company called Warp Factor [More]
  • Gemini Rue
    In the 23rd century, the war has has ravaged Gemini System, and left a power void. Now, a mafia syndicate called the Boryokudan controls the system with a new drug called the Juice. The game follows [More]
  • 1.0, Virus 1.0, One Point Zero
    Simon (Jeremy Sisto) is a milk addicted computer programmer who’s a bit jumpy – a lot more suspicious that normal people would be. He lives in an awful apartment, in an awful building, has [More]
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    When Miles and his cousin Ivan were sent as diplomats on just another boring imperial funeral to Cetaganda, little did they know that something would happen there, a political scandal that could [More]