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  • Monsterwood - The Graphic Novel
    Monsterwood takes you to a fantasy world of Magog, where an evil ruler threatens to destroy everything and everyone who stands between him and ultimate power. The main character, Jovis spent most of [More]





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  • Puppetmaster 1989
    Group of psychics arrive to abandoned hotel to investigate the work of an alchemist who lived in 1930s. Allegedly he discovered an ancient Egyptian ritual of bestowing life into inanimate objects. He [More]
  • Dex - cyberpunk RPG
    The first thing about Dex that will glue you to the monitor is an excellent hand drawn graphics. [More]
  • This party went to hell...
    Amy is a reporter covering a story about a suicide cult in Romania. The leader of the cult is Lemarchand’s descendant and apparently he makes the cultists commit suicide one at a time so that [More]
  • hellraiser-remake-a
    I never was a big fan of remakes, they often killed the last remnants of quality in a great franchise. From time to time one might get... [More]
    City of Detroit is plagued by new synthetic drug called Nuke. At the same time OCP is still trying to destroy police force, which in combination with Nuke brings to escalation of violent crimes. Now [More]

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