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  • Strippers vs Werewolves (2012)
    Member of a werewolf pack is accidentally killed in a strip club. When the rest of his pack find out about it they naturally wish to avenge his death. Unluckily for them strippers won’t go down [More]





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  • Mean Goblin Workshop
    I am proud to announce that Mean Goblin Workshop is now open for business, at least that is the general idea until something explodes due to an overzealous creativity of my fellow Goblins. Anyway this section of the site is meant to serve as a showroom for their creativity and believe me there will be a lot to see here. That is until they invent a bomb, then it will all blow up including the server and we will go offline... [More]
  • Korgoth of Barbaria
    Oh I have a treat for you this time. Korgoth of Barbaria is a pilot episode for a show that unfortunately didn’t took off. But at least you can watch the full 22 minute pilot on Youtube (link [More]
  • Primordia
    In a post-apocalyptic world, nothing is left alive. The world is a wasteland, and the rivers and seas are either dried out or toxic. [More]
  • Bad Taste 1987 by Peter Jackson
    An entire population in a town is killed and replaced by aliens who came to Earth in search for new taste to offer in their fast food chain restaurants. And the new taste is Humans! After hearing a [More]
  • Gamer 2009
    Slayers and Society are two games where, through neural nanorobotics, one human can control another like a game character, all with a purpose of entertaining the whole world. While Society looks like [More]

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