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Blood Gorgons (Bastion Wars)

by Henry Zou

KDi8oYaaaaay.. my first chaos book. They say first look matters. If that’s the case with this author, this was our first and only date.

Why, you say? You can’t have a chaos marine that behaves lie a friggin paladin.

What’s the story? Blood gorgons, as any other  Space Marines chapters have  a lot of  recruiting worlds, where they acquire slaves, resources and potential marine recruits. A chaos marine called Sargaul is sent to a world called Haute Bassiq to investigate some problems. He finds all sort of problems, including zombies, dark eldar, and traitors among traitor marines :).  The rest is plain crap. In a Dolph Lundgren manner, he decides to attack the entire world and save it for the glory of his chapter, and to revoke the shame that fell upon him for not fulfilling his last mission. He manages to find a compadre in a dark eldar POW, who decides that it would be best to cooperate until a better option arises, then he meets the locals and impersonates their god, all the way trying to do the best thing without to much fuss or collateral damage. BS. Chaos marines don’t behave. They live to pillage, kill, mutilate and destroy. The end…

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Henry Zou… shame on you!!!

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