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Druuna, by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

Somewhere in an unknown future, the mankind has come to it’s worst. A deadly disease has spread, a disease that turns men into deadly

Somewhere in an unknown future, the mankind has come to it’s worst. A deadly disease has spread, a disease that turns men into deadly mutants. There is no cure. Only a serum that keeps you healthy, and men will do anything to get it. This is the story of Druuna. A woman bound by love for her lover, that will do exactly anything to get the serum .

Druuna is a young woman living in a pseudo-dystopical world where people live in some sort of a controlled chaos city. The city is divided into three levels. Top level where the priests live, middle level where humans live and sewer level where the mutants live. She spends her days dreaming of her lover Shastar, walking together in the field naked, while at the same time searching for the serum that helps block the disease that turned Shastar into a mutant, so he attains his humanity back for a while. The serum is scarce, and not anyone can get it. She is unbound by morals, and will do anything to protect Shastar. Even selling her body for it.

In a world controlled by priests, men struggle every day to get the serum. Because to become infected, is to be thrown to the sewers where the mutants formed their own society. Therefore, the concept of morals has been lost in time. After a mutant leader told Druuna that Shastar became infected because he found about a secret that could shake the very foundations of their society, she embarks on a journey to find out why did he get infected, what is the disease and ultimately, what happened to the world.

If you asked an SF/Comic book fan, if he heard about Druuna, the chances are he will answer: “Oh, you mean the porn?” Technically, he would be right. There is a lot of sex in the Druuna series. She is a woman without any special talents, so she uses her charms and lust to get what she needs. Young, busty and beautiful, she has all the assets she needs to get what she needs, plus to have some fun here and there. Although soft core in the first books, later it goes even to hard core, showing penetration, fellatio and even sex with mutants. Set in a pseudo-dystopical world, the society has corroded greatly. Mysterious priests control the procurement of the serum, and use their power to control who will get it. Men have no alternative, but to use whatever is at their disposal to get the cure.

Written by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Druuna achieved a cult status among the SF comics and is basically the one that brought sex into mainstream comics. She starred in the Heavy Metal magazine, and became the model for the characters that came later(Julie from Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. for instance), thus breaking the moral barrier of comic book heroes, and leading a whole new generation of them into a new era of fiction.

Druuna series are: Morbus Gravis 1, Morbus Gravis 2, Creatura, Carnivora, Mandragora, Aphrodisia, The Forgotten Planet, Clone.

About Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri (born February 29, 1944) is an Italian comic book writer and illustrator, noted for his works of highly detailed renderings of the human form, particularly erotic images of women. He is best known for his work on the Druuna erotic science fiction series. In 1985, he published Morbus Gravis, the first work of the Druuna saga. Serpieri is also credited with design work on the 3-D video game Druuna: Morbus Gravis, based on his heroine.

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