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Gamer 2009 Gamer 2009

Slayers and Society are two games where, through neural nanorobotics, one human can control another like a game character, all with a purpose of entertaining the whole world. While Society looks like a place where all your deviant desires can come true, Slayers, on the other hand, is quite serious since the characters played are death-row inmates, and in this war game, they’re really killing each other and struggling to survive (compelled by the fact that they can earn their release by doing so). John aka Kable is one of those slayers, and he’s controlled by a kid named Simon, a spoiled teenager. As Kable and Simon are breaking survival records, getting closer to Kables pardon and release, Humanz (a hacker bunch fighting for the right of independent thought) start getting closer to them, stirring up the whole situation, poking at the psycho bad guys…

Since I never know how to start reviews like this, I’m just going to say – I was surprised by this film. Not sure if the general feeling was positive or negative, but it was a surprise. The film is easy to watch, and it has almost all of the cyberpunk characteristics (gamers, hackers, avatars, bad corporations, mind control, neural interfaces…) but it lacks that full “high tech – low life” factor. Although, it seems like it doesn’t have a grand philosophical question, it still makes you think about most of the cyberpunk and post human subjects/ideas.

It seems to criticize the use of technology for sex and violence, but in a wrong way, or at least not in the traditional way, so to speak. It also has something I like to call “Hollywood-sensational” (apart from Gerard Butler 😀 ). Everything is a bit over-the-top, and not much intelligent. But you can live with it… Like a typical generic action film, but with a different theme, and really, more like a video game (played by someone else, putting you in a passive position). So I guess that it was made like that with the purpose of criticism.

It also looks cool. The scenes tend to get a bit trippy, and there are glitches everywhere (from white noise to three color splits) that give this film a bit of a “punk” feeling. And the movie has so many candy ravers in it that it looks really fun, synthetic and colorful. The tech ideas were also good. The fact that you have the option to control another human being like a game character was cool. Nanorobotics that can replace brain cells were also a freakish and good idea. So watch this movie and judge it yourselves. Nonetheless, I still liked it, as a fun, carefree ride.

And for the sake of fun;
– The bad guy is played by Michael C. Hall, better know as Dexter Morgan in Dexter, and he has a “dance scene”
– One of the outfits for a character in Society looked like the one Pris wore in Blade Runner
– If you like flying severed limbs, explosions, weird weapons and such things, you’re going to be happy

Gamer 2009 trailer:

Gamer 2009

Directed by:  Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Writters: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Stars: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Amber Valletta, Kyra Sedgwick, Logan Lerman, Terry Crews

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