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Gwai Wik Re-Cycle 2006

Gwai Wik Re-Cycle 2006 poster Gwai Wik Re-Cycle 2006

A famous writer’s new horror book called Re-Cycle is announced to the public, while the book was in the early stages. As she is struggling with writer’s block, caused by the announcement pressure and personal issues, strange things start happening and she finds herself somehow trapped in the world she created. The movie starts with a good horror atmosphere, pacing itself nicely while at the same time they characterize the main protagonist Tsui Ting-Yin as a successful writer while she struggles with her emotions, her past love, and writer’s block.

At the beginning the atmosphere is very misterious, strange things happening, well placed angles allowing you to catch only a glimpse of what’s haunting her, and a few jump scares later on. It’s very effective at drawing you in, waiting what’s going to happen next.

Later on, as she somehow finds herself in another dimension, the atmosphere changes drastically. The creepy horror, slow paced atmosphere from the first part is dropped entirely and this is where things start to get weirder and weirder with less and less horror elements. The world she finds herself in is like a dream/nightmare, where things have an unique logic behind them. This starts to get trippy after a while because all the places are connected but look and feel very different and well… At one point she jumps into a well, ends up in a giant uterus with fetuses in various stages of development and exits to a forest with a pond… Yeah, that sums it up nicely…

I don’t want to get into the plot too much (or rather at all) because if I reveal pretty much anything it can be considered a spoiler, but everything has it’s place, and contributes to the story in it’s way. All in all, the story is good and far from shallow, so you’ll want to pay attention to details, and the movie itself is very interesting to watch.

Gwai Wik Re-Cycle 2006 trailer:

Gwai Wik Re-Cycle 2006

Directors: Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang

Writers: Cub Chin, Sam Lung, Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang, Thomas Pang

Stars: Angelica Lee, Pou-Soi Cheang, Ekin Cheang

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  1. where is the full movie of RE-CYCLE (Gwai wik) with english subtitle… Thanks!

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