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An interview with the creators of Crimson Rhen of The True North

Chrimson Rhen is a steampunk / fantasy comic. Everyone who ever enjoyed The Goonies, Indiana Jones and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will know that it is a must read title.

Crimson Rhen of The True North Crimson Rhen of The True North

Chrimson Rhen is a steampunk / fantasy comic. Everyone who ever enjoyed The Goonies, Indiana Jones and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will know that it is a must read title. One more great thing about it is the fact that it’s made for kids and adult audience alike. I had a chance to talk with dynamic duo that created Chrimson Rhen, so if you wish to know a little more about their future plans and get an advice about preparing for Kickstarter this is a must read.

You said on your Kickstarter page that Crimson Rhen of The True North can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Personally, I think it is a bold move to make a comic that can target both audiences. Tell me what could attract an adult reader to step into the world of Crimson Rhen?

KAM: I don’t know if it’s really a bold move or just in line with the times. A lot of “kids” shows are enjoyed by adults as well. Teen Titans, Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Legend of Korra and so on can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Our kids love those shows and we do too.

When I thought about it, a lot of the ’80s movies I saw as a kid were enjoyed by everyone, even if there was a younger cast. I remember laughing while being on the edge of my seat through movies like The Goonies. I tried to do the same thing with the Crimson Rhen story. It is a cast of kids, but not necessarily a “kids” story. It can be enjoyed by anyone.

You (Thom) described yourself as a marketing guy by day, comicker by night. I don’t think that people know what it takes to balance day work and a dream project that seeks funding through Kickstarter. Tell us how do you manage these? Do they overlap? How much time is there left for Thom Pratt and let’s say… sleeping?

THOM: Well, technically I’m a former marketing-guy-by-day now. I was laid off from my job last month while we were prepping Crimson Rhen. It was a blow, but the show must go on..

Our other project — a webcomic — has been online for nearly three and half years, and I worked a day job the entire time. I tried to limit my time drawing comics to after the kids were in bed, so usually I’d work from 10pm to 2am, then up at 6 or 7 for work. Rinse and repeat 5 days a week.

It’s hard to juggle comics with a day job, but you can do it if you want it badly enough. Thankfully, Kam and I work on the comic together, and she’s as driven as I am. I don’t think a lot of spouses would be very understanding. Ha ha.

Crimson Rhen is a two person project, tell us a little something about the other half of the team.

THOM: Kam is the writer of Crimson Rhen and our webcomic Shadowbinders. She’s also my wife, and a teacher. She’s passionate about education and comics, which is part of why we’re coupling the creation of the comic with a process blog that’ll be hosted at

You have years of experience in indie comics, what other titles you worked on? Also what other genres did you explore so far and what is still out there that you wish to explore / try?

THOM: I’ve drawn a handful of indie comics over the years, and worked as a colorist on Gemstone’s Disney books for several years. Kam helped me with the latter. And just like the webcomic, I worked a day job on top of coloring comics.

When you decided that you want to make comics, who were the comic book writers and illustrators that you looked up to and why?

THOM: I’m a child of the 80s, so my influences were all over the place — everything from Peanuts to Saturday morning cartoons to Todd McFarlane comics. It all goes into a blender, not just comic books. I also pull a lot from video games. I was big into JRPGs as a teenager. The design of Rhen’s airship, The True North, is an homage to Final Fantasy airships.

KAM: My influences were from outside of comics. I was an avid reader and I get inspired from books, film, and anime.

Last but not least, do you have any advice for people that will try to seek funding for their projects through Kickstarter? How to prepare themselves in the best way?

THOM: Do your homework, and be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride. And realize that getting funding is only the start of the project — then you have to deliver!

One more thing, Crimson Rhen of The True North is on the Kickstarter right now, so make sure to check it out here and for future updates check out their official homepage. As for MG Mag; Thom & Kam, we wish you all the best with your Kickstarter campaign.

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