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Nirvana 1997 – or as the internets are calling it „n1r4n4“

Nirvana 1997

Jimi (Christopher Lambert) is a virtual reality game designer who designed a new game called “Nirvana”. One day, as he plays the game, he discovers that the games main character Solo (Diego Abatantuono) has developed consciousness, due to some kind of computer virus. Solo begs Jimi to eliminate him, since his existence has become torture because of his multiple deaths, and his life constantly and agonizingly repeating itself. To do so, Jimi has to hack into his employers servers before the game goes public, but those servers have a trippy defense system.

First of all, I’m a big cyberpunk fan. This movie was recommended to me, a few years ago, by an even bigger cyberpunk fan. So, naturally, I had to check it out. It has all the classic cyberpunk elements, including a dehumanised world, body modifications, hackers, strange drugs, virtual reality and bad corporations. And the most important part, it has that “punk” factor in the word “cyberpunk”. And it’s not just because of the tight budget.

But the hook is a really cool story, the idea behind it. A game character that became self-aware? It’s the main philosophical debate with this film. A software that is, in a way, alive. Just like those contemplations about computers and robots that could, in the future, become autonomous. It gives this character, a piece of software, a life, you think of Solo as a real human being because he can feel. Nice, right?

So, if you watch this movie, you can really expect a bit of trashy acting, a dark world, the tragic feel of characters, humor and action, and one nice, blue hair, lady hacker! In my opinion, you’re going to get everything, the good and the “bad”, of this nice piece of cyberpunk flick. And the movie is relatively unknown to a wider audience.

Oh, yeah, if you try real hard, you can find it in Italian, English, German and Spanish. But the original is Italian.

Nirvana 1997 trailer:

Nirvana 1997

Director: Gabriele Salvatores

Writer: Gabriele Salvatores, Pino Cacucci, Gloria Corica

Stars: Christopher Lambert, Diego Abatantuono, Sergio Rubini, Stefania Rocca

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  1. There is a new author dwelling in the dungeons of Crazy Goblin magazine, a true fan of anything cyberpunk. So plug in your neural interfaces, upload your avatars into cyberspace and enjoy the excellent recommendation.

  2. Very nice to see a true cyberpunk fan at work :) Looking foward to more of your reviews.

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