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From beyond 1986 – Sixth sense is overrated (and dangerous)

From beyond, like a lot of movies Jeffrey Combs stars in, is based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft.

From Beyond 1986 From Beyond 1986

Two scientists, Dr. Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs) and Dr. Edward Pretorius (Ted Sorel) are creating a resonator that stimulates the pineal gland (sixth sense). This allows them to see other creatures that share the same space with us, but are on a different plane of existence. The unfortunate side effect of this is that the creatures can see and come in physical contact with humans while the resonator device is working. One night they succeed and Crawford finds out the creatures are not that friendly as one of them bites him in the face so he turns the resonator off. Dr. Pretorius on the other hand likes the effects of the resonator and wouldn’t stop. The prolonged resonator activity attracts an unseen creature that costs Dr. Pretorius his head. Literally. Crawford ends up in an asylum where a psychiatrist offers him to go free if they recreate the experiment.

This movie, like a lot of movies Jeffrey Combs stars in, is based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft. That being said, the movie can’t go wrong. Can it? Well, no, not really. I didn’t read the story this movie is based on though, so i won’t comment if this movie follows the story exactly like it’s written.

About the movie story – every Lovecraft based movie needs to have, or at least mention an asylum and people going insane. It’s the law or something… This one has too. Right after the experiment accident happens Dr. Thillinghast goes insane and ends up in an asylum… No one believes him except some new age psychiatrist with her own agendas. They recreate the experiment and the rest of the movie could have been avoided if they left well enough alone after what they saw.

But that would be a shame because the rest of the movie is a slow descent into madness as well as more and more extremes! Sometimes it’s good that characters in movies make dumb decisions even though they’re established as smart. As the movie nears it’s end, the events start becomming really bizzare and end in a blast! Literally! And no, i’m not spoiling! You should expect a blast/explosion of some kind in 80’s, movies by now…

All in all this movie is disturbingly fun to watch! The thought “i shouldn’t have so much fun watching this” occured to me on occasion. So… Silence your brain and common sense and plunge into a world of madness. A world full of creatures from beyond… (See what I did there?)

From Beyond 1986 trailer:

From beyond 1986

Director: Stuart Gordon
Writers: H.P. Lovecraft (short story), Brian Yuzna(adaptation)
Stars: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ted Sorel

Humans are such easy prey

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  1. The thing about Lovecraft is that at one point in his life he suffered a nervous breakdown. His father was suffering from mental problems because of syphilis and even his mother was hospitalized due to a depression.

    So you can see a pattern there forming. No wonder his characters had to go through similar ordeals :-)

  2. All the Gordon/Yuzna collaborations are bizarre. This is my fave followed closely by Re-animator. The major difference from book to film is, Lovecraft didn’t have the sexual overtones that these Gordon/Yuzna films have. Most Lovecraft adaptations have bizarre creatures from the netherworld – if you get a chance, check out my Lovecraft in film post :)

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